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The most favourable, we seek the Optimal solution. A home away from home with no sacrifices. A smooth transition to living can be expected. Our vision is a homely and warm feeling experience as if it was your own home.

Regardless of company or leisure desires, there is a formula we have devised to cater to you.

Comfort measures are considered in every aspect of our properties. From pots and cutlery to a coffee maker for the perfect start to an eventful day.

No reduction to quality and comfort have been made as we prioritise our clients and that is Opitmal Property Group. 

At optimal we provide serviced accommodations with a contemporary design and excellent finish.

Why pick service accommodation?

1. Be in your own space 
2. High standard of living for a low price 
3. Free wifi 
4. No restrictions like hotels 
5.Cost effective
6. 24 hour call out service should there be any problems

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We love to help, so if there is anything we have missed out, or you would like some more information about anything on here - drop us an email and we will get back to you promptly


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